Monday, 6 June 2011

Modern For Grey (Part 2)

Hi~ (again XD)

i decided to re-decorate it in conjunction with the sims 3 generations.
Personally, i like this house soooooo much! Though my friend said it looks like a jungle = =|||
but it indeed very beautiful *o*.
BTW, here's the details and notes :

1. This is the previous lot i uploaded before, but it is re-decorated in conjunction with ths sims 3 generations.
2. No external cc, except cc from EA store. (please be sure to have all EPs and SPs.) 
3. Please don't redistribute or re-upload it to other website. 
4. If you like it, please go to my blog and comment there.

Price Unfurnished: 166903
Price Furnished: 354424
Furnished: Partly
Decorated: Throughout
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 4
Stories: 5
Lot Size: 40x40

Modern For Grey - 2


Interior & Exterior

That's all, Happy Simming ^_^
Hope that all of you love it.

PS : 
1. tell me if the link is broken.
2. if you like or dislike it, do leave a comment. :-)
3. please read "please read!" in the folder. 
4. please help me to share it out. thanks in advance~

Download : 

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Virgo Spears & Aries Tia

NEW sims ---- > Virgo Spears and Aries Tia. Both had gone for plastic surgery recently~    o[*o*]o
i will only upload them if is requested.

Hope yopu guys love it :-)

Virgo Spears 

Aries Tia

A new-rebuilt lot will be uploaded soon .....
here's my facebook name : Foong Fu Kai

PS: credits will be given when i upload them ~
Thanks for viewing ^_^