Thursday, 8 December 2011

SquarePlanar Project 2

Hi there~
due to i'm playing dragon nest lately, i had delayed this project for 2 weeks :/
well, i deeply fell in love with this house as this is one of my dream house.
yet, in house, i had greatly reduced the external CC as well as those CC in EPs and SPs.

as usual, screenshots (i had captured a bit more this time as it is indeed cooollll to me :p)

SquarePlanar P2




i like this one the most (grrrr <3)

Usually, i like to take the photos at night, but i was unable to 
make them look nicely due to the light sources ...

after the front door, you will see the kitchen,
but as reminder, this is only suitable for 1 to 2 sims.

living room, two living rooms actually, one at the end while this one
just opposite the kitchen.

study room (look like the study room
are all the same as in previous lots @_@)

corridor, imagine that, sitting here and listening to music, yet reading some
books at your choice. hmm, how peaceful~

ok, the second living room, providing a larger space to fit
more sims during parties.

outside, as usual, pool, but i'm trying my hard to create
different style of pool, though in progress but
this is my first step :-)

weird.... there should be no red line ..., nevermind,
photo problem only when uploaded to blog :/
here is the first floor lead from the stair at the second living room.

washroom, the ONLY washroom throughout the whole lot.

after the corridor, it will lead to the bedroom, but before
the bedroom, there are some entertainments here.

bed, makeup and television are all available here.
this bedroom can be considered one of the best bedroom of mine.

**recommended lot size : 40x30 (as what i built on it)
**recommended game version : All EPs and SPs. (i think with base game and some EPs are enough already)

Coming up next, which mean the last house for this project, will be uploaded
when im free enough~

Download :

*** do let me know if the link is broken.


Monday, 28 November 2011

SquarePlanar (Project 1)

Hi guys, i decided to start a project ---> "SquarePlanar". *_*

Though, for this house, i was trying to make it as simple as i could to create a contemporary modern house.

Cynically, i encountered a failure .... that is insufficient place due to i emphasized a lots on the exterior rather than interior. SOB!

Unlike the previous lots, i think this lot can fit 2-3 sims i think~ 
Let's prceed to the screenshots :) ENJOY

SquarePlanar P1 

daytime (GOSH! the hot air balloon....)

sunset (i like this picture most!)

night (starry night)

the entrance, i captured all pictures at night, in game of course
to render the best views~
here is the living room and beside the picture,
the door ... there is a washroom.
yet, u will find an elevator too
(because of insufficient place.... forgive me for
installing elevators again O_O)

first floor, the kitchen, 3 seats there ONLY.

Lastly for this block, the master bedroom, another washroom here.
besides that, the rugs, chairs, beds and the wall, i used
these colours to match each other to create an
elegant feelings :-D

Actually, there are 3 washrooms, and this one, perhaps the effect
is not that good ...
during daytime, it looks cool as if it is in a hotel.

ground floor in the other block.
Where all entertainments availableeeee~~~
Yet, there is a washroom, too.

first floor, guests room. i would most probably envy those guests T^T

well, there are pool, hot tub and fire pit, NO MORE
JUNGLES! matching the modern exterior, LOL!

*i built it on a lot size 40x30.
  i built it with all EPs and SPs. (Latest)

Download :
** do let me know if the lik isnt work.

H@pPy SimmING~

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


OK, let move on to this .... this is a penthouse. Personally, i strongly feel that im just modifying instead of building... LOL ~~~~
However, i did feel that this consumed less time than that of building ComfortEdge ...

here are some of the cool screenshots :p, PLEASE ENJOY ;-D


the whole building. 

just knew that there is plane, captured it!

looks like the ceiling does not show here...
well, from the elevator, the front door is just in front of the elevator.
upon walked in.....
this is how it looks like, living room + piano.

same floor, the kitchen and chess table. quite simple compared
to the Comfort Edge, but i like this very much.

here is the study room, behind the computer, it is actually
the window of the pool upstairs (better not to be naked :p)

washroom, due to this penthouse is meant for single sim, so, i
decided to build one only. Did you notice the pool? HOHO~

this is the master bedroom, the room is just too small,
but actually, it struck me! so comfortable ~_~ ++

comes to the pool~ how is it? JUMP!!
before this part, my sim's dog used to live in the
small room. LOL

exterior, hot tub and pool.

outdoor BBQ. relax your mind with this perfect get-away.

ok, she is the household, Aries Tia. (make me proud for i made her!)

im PS-ing this picture, she is Aries Tia, if you look closer,
you will find that the nose is rather different than the previous Aries Tia,
this is because i found that the nose i made in the previous sim a bit weird.

enjoy this picture :

Aries Tia

*this house meant a lot to me and what surprised me was that i finished it within 48 hours, may be im noob~
**Compared to Comfort Edge, this house can be said ... much more modern, i think, hmm...

Download :


Comfort Edge

Again ... unable to play for long time due to busy life routines :p
Though, i had built 2 residential lots, the 'Comfort Edge', and the othe one, later on ^_^.
so, much to say, let move on to my comfort edge~

Comfort Edge

Daytime (in order to capture the best, i cant capture the whole house ... sob)


From entrance, the living room is just on the right.

straight forwards from entrance, is the kitchen.
i had installed elevators too to create a luxury life feelings, yet
beside the elevator (you will notice it once to installed XD),
there is a small area for pets (dog).

the left side after the entrance, it is a very large
study room. Hmm, can i live in? :p

first floor, here is the bedroom (master),
i made a guest room too, smaller but
im sure that you all will live it <3

compund, chess, gardening, swimming, hot tub,
BBQ, fishing .... WOW, cant wait to live in!

*actually, the house is much more bigger than the pictures captured, because i dont want to mess them up (Oops~).

Well, i used all stuff available at the store as well as all EPs and SPs. i just cant tell much with my 'hand', but this house is indeed ideal for a whole family to live in. Of course the price .... heehee, no problem unless wealth is with you :p.

Thanks for viewing and HAPPY SIMMING~

Download :

**if the link is broken, do tell me >_<

Friday, 8 July 2011

Asian SIM ^_^ ----> KeYee Yao

quite a long period of time for me not to upload any sims :-x
However, im going to share my new sim out ---> KeYee Yao (Asian)

Hope you all like it~

Much to say, it 'costs' me almost 2 hours >_<
ABOUT her traits ... you guys can have them to your style XD


skin - lemonleaf, skin A2.5 and B2.5
makeup - lipstick from lemonleaf
hair - anubis @ modthesims
eye contacts - Danzxncrd (blog)
cloth (everyday)- elexis @ modethesims
earrings - xmsims

please own all EPs and SPs.

i have tried my best to reduce all external CC (^_^)

lastly ... please do not re-upload it or put it on the exchange or i will report
once regconised. Thank you ~ (sry for my bad english :p)


link for thesimsresource will be uploaded soon.