Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Aries Tia

hi~ ^_^
this is my previous sim, i think you all can have a look at her at one of my previous posts, thank you. (*o*)

Aries Tia 

there are 2 versions,without cc or with cc. please take note of it!

( With CC ) 

(Without CC)

PS : 1. i didn't change the outfits for others except CASUAL.
       2. please read the "Please read" or "Must read" file, thanks~
       3. do let me know if the link is broken.
       4. be sure to have all cc for the Aries Tia with cc.
       5. the traits and lifetime wish, i didn't emphasise on them so that you guys can have her in your own style.
       6. DO HAVE ALL EPs & SPs.

Credits: (for Aries Tia with CC)
skin ---> 234jiao at modthesims (i have included it in the "cc free Aries Tia" ONLY!!)
hair ---> newsea at thesimsresource (subscriber only)
eyeshadow ---> ladyfrontbum modthesims
eyeliner ---> breyete & the sims
eye contacts ---> watermelon field
lipstick ---> lemonleafs
nails ---> lemonleafs
outfits ---> EA's store
earrings ---> rosesims2
necklace ---> anubis at modthesims

Download (mediafire)

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