Tuesday, 22 November 2011


OK, let move on to this .... this is a penthouse. Personally, i strongly feel that im just modifying instead of building... LOL ~~~~
However, i did feel that this consumed less time than that of building ComfortEdge ...

here are some of the cool screenshots :p, PLEASE ENJOY ;-D


the whole building. 

just knew that there is plane, captured it!

looks like the ceiling does not show here...
well, from the elevator, the front door is just in front of the elevator.
upon walked in.....
this is how it looks like, living room + piano.

same floor, the kitchen and chess table. quite simple compared
to the Comfort Edge, but i like this very much.

here is the study room, behind the computer, it is actually
the window of the pool upstairs (better not to be naked :p)

washroom, due to this penthouse is meant for single sim, so, i
decided to build one only. Did you notice the pool? HOHO~

this is the master bedroom, the room is just too small,
but actually, it struck me! so comfortable ~_~ ++

comes to the pool~ how is it? JUMP!!
before this part, my sim's dog used to live in the
small room. LOL

exterior, hot tub and pool.

outdoor BBQ. relax your mind with this perfect get-away.

ok, she is the household, Aries Tia. (make me proud for i made her!)

im PS-ing this picture, she is Aries Tia, if you look closer,
you will find that the nose is rather different than the previous Aries Tia,
this is because i found that the nose i made in the previous sim a bit weird.

enjoy this picture :

Aries Tia

*this house meant a lot to me and what surprised me was that i finished it within 48 hours, may be im noob~
**Compared to Comfort Edge, this house can be said ... much more modern, i think, hmm...

Download :


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