Monday, 28 November 2011

SquarePlanar (Project 1)

Hi guys, i decided to start a project ---> "SquarePlanar". *_*

Though, for this house, i was trying to make it as simple as i could to create a contemporary modern house.

Cynically, i encountered a failure .... that is insufficient place due to i emphasized a lots on the exterior rather than interior. SOB!

Unlike the previous lots, i think this lot can fit 2-3 sims i think~ 
Let's prceed to the screenshots :) ENJOY

SquarePlanar P1 

daytime (GOSH! the hot air balloon....)

sunset (i like this picture most!)

night (starry night)

the entrance, i captured all pictures at night, in game of course
to render the best views~
here is the living room and beside the picture,
the door ... there is a washroom.
yet, u will find an elevator too
(because of insufficient place.... forgive me for
installing elevators again O_O)

first floor, the kitchen, 3 seats there ONLY.

Lastly for this block, the master bedroom, another washroom here.
besides that, the rugs, chairs, beds and the wall, i used
these colours to match each other to create an
elegant feelings :-D

Actually, there are 3 washrooms, and this one, perhaps the effect
is not that good ...
during daytime, it looks cool as if it is in a hotel.

ground floor in the other block.
Where all entertainments availableeeee~~~
Yet, there is a washroom, too.

first floor, guests room. i would most probably envy those guests T^T

well, there are pool, hot tub and fire pit, NO MORE
JUNGLES! matching the modern exterior, LOL!

*i built it on a lot size 40x30.
  i built it with all EPs and SPs. (Latest)

Download :
** do let me know if the lik isnt work.

H@pPy SimmING~

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