Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Comfort Edge

Again ... unable to play for long time due to busy life routines :p
Though, i had built 2 residential lots, the 'Comfort Edge', and the othe one, later on ^_^.
so, much to say, let move on to my comfort edge~

Comfort Edge

Daytime (in order to capture the best, i cant capture the whole house ... sob)


From entrance, the living room is just on the right.

straight forwards from entrance, is the kitchen.
i had installed elevators too to create a luxury life feelings, yet
beside the elevator (you will notice it once to installed XD),
there is a small area for pets (dog).

the left side after the entrance, it is a very large
study room. Hmm, can i live in? :p

first floor, here is the bedroom (master),
i made a guest room too, smaller but
im sure that you all will live it <3

compund, chess, gardening, swimming, hot tub,
BBQ, fishing .... WOW, cant wait to live in!

*actually, the house is much more bigger than the pictures captured, because i dont want to mess them up (Oops~).

Well, i used all stuff available at the store as well as all EPs and SPs. i just cant tell much with my 'hand', but this house is indeed ideal for a whole family to live in. Of course the price .... heehee, no problem unless wealth is with you :p.

Thanks for viewing and HAPPY SIMMING~

Download :

**if the link is broken, do tell me >_<


  1. What lot size does it fit on?

  2. i used to build it on 50x50 at the new town comes with TS3 Pets. quite sorry for i left out some important info. >_<